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Perihal Tentang Google Drive

About Google Drive application
Working with many more types of files when you install Google Drive application from the Chrome Web Store.
Google Drive works on a number of applications continues to grow, which you can install from the Chrome Web Store. With the application, you can edit photos and videos, send faxes and sign documents, manage projects, create flowcharts, and more. How many even Google Drive apps you've installed, you can access all your files in one place: Google Drive on the web.
Here are the things you can do with Google Drive application:
  • Access and open the file in Google Drive
  • Create a new file in Google Drive from the application file types
  • Google Drive to access files outside of the application Google Drive
  • Save the file to Google Drive from applications outside Google Drive
  • Share any type of file, including files created with Google Drive application
Error or a problem on Google Drive application is not supported by Google support representative. If you experience problems on applications you've installed, contact enterprise application for support.
  1. Open the settings menu and select "Manage applications".
  2. Click Details in addition to applications that require support.
  3. Read information about the application on the site of its Chrome Web Store, including the support contact information.

Installing Google Drive application

Applications · Google Drive is available in the Chrome Web Store and you can put it to use in Google Drive on the web. Application is compatible with all browsers supported .
  1. · Open the Chrome Web Store .
  2. Search for "Drive Applications".
  3. Click the button + Add to Drive the blue.
  4. Give authorize applications to access files in Google Drive. (Learn more about Google Drive application security.)
  5. Click Install .

Things you can do with Google Drive application

Make file to Google Drive application

Open the file with Google Drive application

Opening or saving files from applications Google Drive

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